Long-term health starts with prevention.

IndiOmics exists to provide clarity about:

Our exposures to common chemicals, how these exposures can influence us on cellular levels, and which lifestyle modifications we can adopt to optimize our current and future health.

Personalized Health Strategies
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Biotechnology & Cell Markers
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Data Science & Machine Learning
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IndiOmics utilizes novel methods to understand how human cells and tissues respond to common chemical exposures.


With high-throughput assays, we assess personal environmental health outcomes with analysis of key analyte measurements coupled with protein bio-marker expression levels.


Data Science and Machine Learning

We use cellular data to explore how your personal exposures correlate with modifiable factors.


By utilizing open-source and SAS software, IndiOmics provides a comprehensive visualization of prescriptive lifestyle steps, with the intent of using AI to reduce risks for inflammation and adverse health outcomes.


Personalized Health Strategies

Prevention is made personal with data unique to your lifestyle and everyday exposures.

Through understanding what you've been exposed to and how your cells have responded, IndiOmics provides a personalized step-by-step approach to prevent your risks for current and future health concerns and disease.

For Individuals

IndiOmics can help
prioritize the personal health 
of yourself & your loved ones.

 Are you concerned about personal 

 exposures to common chemicals? 

 Are you interested in an 
 individualized strategy 
 for minimizing exposures 
 & disease risks? 

For Companies

IndiOmics can safeguard 
the occupational health &
wellness of your employees.

IndiOmics can identify gaps & improve product safety 

for your customers.

 Is your company 
 rebranding & reformulating 
 consumer products with 

 environmental health in mind? 

 Is your company 
 interested in preventive 
 health initiatives for your 
 employees & workplace? 


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