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Recruiting Citizen Scientists

We are recruiting volunteers to participate in our first large-scale

bio-monitoring and exposure health effects study. 

Our volunteers, or Citizen Scientists,

may be selected to provide their samples and receive results; 

they can also choose to include their de-identified data (no personal identifiers) 

as part of our community-based research study. 


We plan to offer several rounds of assessments if our volunteers

choose to track their environmental health changes over time.

First, submit this form.

You will be notified if chosen to participate in our initial study.


This entails creating a secure IndiOmics account, sending your samples to our laboratory, and accessing your results and data visualizations within your private, interactive dashboard. 

If selected, you'll discover:

1 - Levels of chemicals you've been exposed to from your environment (i.e. water, food, consumer products), 

2 - Levels of molecular markers related to inflammation and cellular health, and

3 - A personalized lifestyle strategy for preventing exposures and minimizing disease risks. 


Citizen Scientist Volunteer Sign-up

Thanks for submitting!

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